Virginia Research Center Accused of Animal Abuse

Across the United States, there are a variety of research centers that serve different purposes. Some are designed to study medicine or other important projects. Others are responsible for the oversight of other matters, such as animals.

When animals are put into the care of research centers, there’s an expectation that these animals will be treated humanely. When facilities don’t live up to this expectation, it causes a domino effect of new problems.

Unfortunately, this is the boat that one Cumberland, Virginia research center, Envigo, is in. It has recently come out that Envigo allegedly mistreated beagles in their care.

What to Know About the Envigo Scandal
At this time, Envigo stands accused of overseeing hundreds of beagle deaths, along with neglecting the welfare of these dogs. This reportedly happened while Envigo was tasked with studying and breeding beagles entrusted to them.

As a result of these claims, the thousands of beagles in Envigo’s care are now set for transfer to be adopted into new homes. The organizations working on processing these transfers and adoptions include the Humane Society of the United States and Homeward Trails.

An official with Homeward Trails stated work to re-home these beagles is one of the greatest tasks the organization has ever undertaken. However, Homeward Trails and others who care for the welfare of these animals agree the work is more than worth it.

Transfers and adoptions underway come following direct orders from Virginia federal court.

What Happens to Envigo?
Due to the nature of the accusations against Envigo, the center will be responsible for paying the fees of rehoming these beagles.

On top of this, Envigo’s parent company is going to be shutting down the Cumberland-based center. Both senators representing Virginia in Congress praised the decision to shutter Envigo, noting the positive impacts this will have on sparing other animals from future mistreatment.

Envigo has also been publicly disgraced as multiple animal rights organizations and everyday Americans criticize the company for its reported treatment of animals.

It is unclear what motivated Envigo’s alleged abuse of beagles for such an extended period of time.