Virtue Signalers Engage In Soda Wars To Support Ukraine

Some people like to role-play live-action as experts in international relations. Other people suffer from “Main Character Syndrome” on the world stage, thinking their actions ripple across the multiverse and impact big events. Then some combine the two with pandering and virtue signaling whatever the crisis of the moment is. Nothing is off-limits. Even your choice of soda.

Now, if you were to tweet to this person, “Do we have to engage in a complex political calculus for every product I purchase about its connections to Russia?” You would immediately be labeled a Putin sympathizer, banned, blocked and dismissed from polite society. How far are we going to take this? Do I have to throw away my hoard of Cottonelle because I have not confirmed if it exports to Russia or not? No more babushkas in winter? Eliminate Moscow Mules after dinner?

Like most things from the left, there is no end to the lunacy. Countries, like people, are mixed bags. I would hazard a guess that most Russians do not want war but are victims of living in a dictatorship. Events are outside their control. Even if boycotting soda stops Coke from selling in Russia, it will not punish Putin. Measures like this only further punish the Russian people.

This product hysteria is just an offshoot of the COVID hysteria. Now that the pandemic is winding down, people cannot post about being triple vaxxed, triple masked and socially distancing from their children while shunning all other human contacts. These people have just moved on to Ukraine. After that finishes up, it will be something else. Ignore them.

What is one to do then? Throw up our hands at the world? The solution is a local one, as always. Use your influence, time and money to impact your immediate community. Perhaps one-day circumstances will vault you into a position to change world events, but until then, crack open a Coca-Cola and say hello to your neighbor to see if they need help with something.