Vladimir Putin Has The United States Right Where He Wants, “Virtually Alone And Weak”

Since the disintegration of the Soviet Union three decades ago, NATO has been among the living dead. It makes little difference at this juncture in the Ukraine issue if Vladimir Putin unleashes the hounds of war and invades. He’s already exposed NATO’s disunity as well as America’s vulnerability and split.

Moreover, NATO has been a rusted shell for more than 30 years, but America’s internationalists place a high value on its existence, so it’s still hanging around pretending to be necessary. Kosovo, the Balkans, and Bosnia and Herzegovina were all involved. There was a rivalry to secure the airport in Kabul during the Afghan conflict, and NATO’s role in Kuwait was minimal. Europe is more anxious about its gas supply than the destiny of Ukraine, and Putin is well aware of this.

According to a senior scholar at the Hudson Institute, Germany’s decision to exclude nuclear energy from its energy mix and boost investment in renewable energy has proven to be a poor option. If Germany is convinced to delay the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline’s inauguration to punish Russia, its inhabitants may suffer higher winter heating prices.

When it comes down to it, Germany’s new coalition is not willing to compromise the comfort of its citizens for the sake of Ukraine or US interests. Germany’s apparent reluctance to take decisive actions has reinforced questions about its ally’s reliability. Given the White House’s weakness, Putin is likely to press a little more than he would if a more powerful president were in office.

According to a recent study, 62 percent of Republicans believe Vladimir Putin is a better leader than Joe Biden. John Sipher, who oversaw Russian operations for the CIA for 30 years, thinks Putin “hates the United States.” Sipher told Yahoo News, “That’s very, incredibly shortsighted, partisan, foolish thinking.”

In a New York Times op-ed essay, John Sipher describes Vladimir Putin as a dangerous narcissist, a power-hungry tyrant, and a passionately angry nationalist who despises the United States. Simultaneously, the United States has a president who looks for ways to appease him every morning, according to Sipher. In Ukraine, Putin has already won. Nobody knows where his next challenge will come from.