Vladimir Putin Hasn’t Changed And The ‘Real Threat’ Is Joe Biden

The response of Team Biden and Western Europe to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s increasingly severe threats towards Ukraine has received a lot of attention. Putin and Xi are two of the world’s worst evil people, but who is the single greatest threat to global stability right now? The guy with the most extraordinary capacity to destroy the world as we know it is Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. In the South China Sea, China is showing its muscles and threatening to “reunify” Taiwan.

To miss the terrible impacts of Biden’s foreign policy, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping would have had to be asleep at the switch for the last year. As a result, Putin, Xi, and the rest of the world’s evil men not only see an ample green light, but they also see Biden joyfully waving them through it to their next “adventure.”

Moreover, according to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Russia’s Vladimir Putin has been encouraged to carry out his desires, partly because the US Administration is less prepared to respond to him. According to Pompeo, Russian President Vladimir Putin has long yearned for the “wonderful” old days of the Soviet Union and has wished to revive it.

During Donald Trump’s four years in office, Vladimir Putin did not deploy 130,000 troops to the western border or transport enormous equipment and developers. It wasn’t because he didn’t feel the same way. The US has to be more adamant about demonstrating resolve. Joe Biden’s only “resolve,” incidentally, has been to throw open the southern border to an illegal immigration invasion since day one of his presidency.

Furthermore, Pompeo said that the Democratic Party has never grasped that the world’s evil men admire and dread strength, resolution, and, eventually, a reaction to their aggressive activities. On the other hand, they sneer at global apology tours, submission, and outright ass-kissing. They don’t realize that they should fight back when there is corruption in Ukraine. When Ukraine’s democratic institutions are attacked, they must remain steadfast in their commitment and support those institutions.