Washington DC Goes All-In With More Mindless COVID Mandates

The events of 2021 have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that measures like face mask mandates, COVID vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, etc., are demonstrable failures. If these measures truly worked, then communities with high vaccination rates (such as Vermont) would not be struggling with exceedingly high rates of the virus.

Let’s also not forget the new omicron variant of COVID. Democrats are arguing this new strain makes a case for bringing back medical mandates. However, the truth is precisely the opposite.

Omicron is surging in individuals who are fully vaccinated against COVID and individuals who are vaccinated plus boosted. Over the past several days, several vaccinated and boosted Democrat lawmakers have tested positive for COVID.

Nevertheless, Democrat-run cities are going all-in with more mindless COVID mandates. Following Chicago, Philadelphia, and others, Washington DC is one of the latest communities to bring back medical edicts, as documented by Twitchy.

Earlier this week, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser announced that a COVID vaccine mandate for anyone over 12 would go into effect, starting on Saturday, January 15. This mandate explicitly demands that any individual 12 years old or above need to show they’ve gotten at least one dosage of the COVID vaccine.

This mandate extends to bars, nightclubs, gyms, fitness centers, cultural facilities, and other indoor settings. Museums, grocery stores, retail establishments, churches, and other religious places are exempted.

DC residents making “quick trips” to fast food establishments will also be granted exemptions under this mandate. Bowser claims this new mandate is all about increasing the numbers of people in the community who are vaccinated against COVID.

It is an approach and attitude shared by many Democrat leaders who are implementing these mandates in their cities; however, it does not hold up in the face of real-world events.

Despite Biden’s untrue claims about COVID vaccinations preventing the spread, the vaccine does not stop people from transmitting the virus. The vaccines don’t stop people from contracting the virus or its various strains, such as Omicron.

The entire premise behind COVID vaccine mandates is that driving up vaccination rates will root out the virus. Yet, time and time again, this is proven to be false.

Democrats will keep going with these mandates for as long as they can. However, they should stop insulting the intelligence of Americans by claiming these mandates are rooted in science.