Washington Democrat Slams Biden Over Baby Formula Shortage

Baby formula shortages are continuing to create problems in the lives of everyday Americans. Parents need to have readily available access to this formula in order for their infants to get the necessary food supplies.

Sadly, the shortage in formulas is not going to be quickly resolved. Earlier this week, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Robert Califf projected two months before access to baby formula is liberally available.

Meanwhile, infants today are in hospitals with IVs in their arms, due to this shortage. Even the recent baby formula shipments that arrived from Germany do not pose a long-term fix to this crisis. At best, these recent shipments will place a temporary band-aid on a gushing wound.

In fact, the baby formula shortage has gotten so bad that one Democrat from Washington state is holding the president to task.

An Unlikely Source Calls Biden Out
Rep. Kim Schrier (D-WA), unlike many members of her party, isn’t letting Biden off the hook when it comes to current shortages in baby formula.

During a sit-down with MSNBC, Schrier questioned what happened and why the president failed to act sooner. The Washington Democrat revealed that back in February, there was knowledge that a baby formula shortage was coming soon if real measures weren’t taken.


Later, Schrier said the federal government failed to “step up” or engage proactively to prevent today’s shortages.

This latest criticism of the Biden administration’s inaction is very interesting. Schrier campaigned with the president a little more than one month ago when he visited her state. Now, she appears to have a change of heart, at least on this issue.

Wishy-washy Support For Biden
As it turns out, Schrier is one of many Democrats who is walking a fine line while seeking re-election this year. Back in September, polling out of Washington state showed the Democrat neck-in-neck with a potential GOP challenger.

It also hasn’t helped Schrier that the president’s poll numbers in her state are far from in good condition. The Washington Democrat appears to have joined a subsection of the party that campaigns with Biden when it suits them, only to later slam his leadership whenever it’s convenient.


Some Democrats have sought to distance themselves from Biden altogether as they work to win various elections at federal and state levels. As it turns out, Democrats don’t want Biden’s negative approval ratings to ultimately cost them their seats in office.

Yet, judging from recent polls, many Democrats will be shown the exit door, come November 2022.