‘We Want Off’: Lake Blasts ‘Planet Crazy’ Democrats And Media

While Democratic U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman struggled through a debate with his GOP rival in Pennsylvania about five months after suffering from a near-fatal stroke, others in his party are completely avoiding the debate state ahead of next month’s midterm elections.

Among the most prominent examples is Katie Hobbs, who is running for governor of Arizona against Republican Kari Lake.

For her part, the Democrat called the backlash over her refusal to debate “a distraction” and predicted that voters will not care whether they get to see her respond to tough questions regarding her leftist platform.

In a recent Newsmax TV interview, however, Lake shared why she thinks her opponent will not agree to a debate.

“Republicans have the common sense ideas,” she said. “The Democrats’ ideas are dead-end, destructive ideas that are full of hypocrisy.”

Going on to cite the primary issue in the minds of most voters, Lake said: “Inflation is eating up a third of people’s retirement savings. People are in a panic right now in every city across this country and across the entire nation. I call [Democrats] reality deniers because they are completely on planet crazy — and we want off.”

All it will take to put the nation back on the right track, she argued, is for “America First Republicans” to reclaim control of the government.

“We’ve got ideas and solutions to all of these problems from the border, to the drug epidemic, to our schools, teaching just inappropriate garbage rather than a curriculum that helps our kids get ahead, to the crime that we’re seeing on our streets: We have solutions to help solve these problems,” Lake argued.

She went on to lament that it is exceptionally difficult for conservatives to share their message because of the perceived liberal bias of mainstream media outlets everywhere.

“I’ve been having fun just telling the truth to the fake news because they deserve it; they deserve everything they get,” Lake told host Eric Bolling. “And you know what’s interesting, Eric? They’re actually starting to adjust the way they cover us, and instead of asking these loaded questions where they’re pushing a narrative, they’re starting to ask more honest questions. Unfortunately when they write their stories, there’s still leading, and they’re still pushing a bunch of propaganda.”

Lake, who has an extensive background in television news coverage, said she is “trying to teach them how to be true, honest journalists,” adding: “I don’t know if there’s a chance for them to, you know, change their ways, but hopefully they’ll learn.”