We’re In A ‘Huge Mess’ Thanks To Joe Biden

Former National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster said that the Biden Administration’s actions have made it considerably more difficult for the US to deal with the Ukrainian problem. He is perplexed as to “why the Biden Administration canceled a Canadian pipeline while approving the Russian pipeline Nord Stream 2.”

President Biden and his Administration have emphasized that there will be severe consequences if Russia invades Ukraine. General H.R. McMaster served as a national security advisor in the Trump Administration. According to him, the United States should utilize climate and trade policies to pressure Russia’s financial interests in Europe. Former National Security Adviser believes the United States should take the lead in ensuring the resilience of energy sources. He argues that carbon emissions know no boundaries. Therefore, the market must incentivize sustainable energy alternatives.

Moreover, President Joe Biden has made it more difficult for the United States to maintain energy independence and thus be able to deliver LNG and crude-oil shipments to the European partners. Just this week, his appointees at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission imposed regulatory roadblocks that effectively made building another LNG export facility impossible. Senator Joe Manchin termed the decision “reckless.”

Russia has mocked Germany’s decision to postpone the unfinished Nord Stream 2 natural-gas pipeline approval. The Russians are ecstatic that Germany has shut down its nuclear reactors and relies on Russia for half of its natural gas. “Welcome to the valiant new world where Europeans will very soon pay 2,000 euros ($2,140) for 1,000 cubic meters of natural gas,” said Dmitry Medvedev.

Therefore, according to reports by energy researcher James Lucier, President Joe Biden’s energy policies have “never seen such a big disparity between the foreign-policy needs of the United States in energy and the reluctance of US policymakers to defy special interest demands.” “Russian officials must be agog at how much Biden policies have undermined US energy independence,” he continues.