What If Joe Manchin ‘Decided To Be A Leader’ Instead Of Just ‘Obstructing’ His Own Party?

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin (WV) has effectively shut down the vote on the Breaking Bad Better bill. Good job, Joe. America, thank you. It seems to be a Christmas miracle, but we wonder how long he can hold out?

Manchin is a funny guy. He seems to think that the Democrat Party can be reasoned with and maintain the old blue-collar rust belt union-driven coalition that put him in office. That is not the case, and if Manchin can see through this change of political alignment, maybe he can use his position as a spoiler to preserve this nation. If he wants to keep the D next to his name for a strategic reason, the least he can do is save this country from Biden-Harris maladministration run amuck.

Democrats thought they could bully him into giving in. That did not work. The White House asserted that he was a liar and did not keep his promise to push the bill through. By singling him out, they are the liars. The Democrats libeled him when asked them not to. Manchin feared that his family would be badgered as he had already been harassed at this boathouse.

The Biden-Harris White House is slandering Manchin. The White House Press Secretary Circle Back Jen Psaki cannot tidy up Biden’s lies by calling Manchin a liar. If this sounds like a childish game of who said what, it is.

Manchin has said that he’s had enough. He is sick and tired of the arrangements and deals being offered. Now Democrats are planning to harass him even more. Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer has compelled everybody to vote to disgrace Manchin. He said he wants to force Democrats to federalize elections to guarantee a perpetual Democrat majority and lock in liberalism as the governing ideology of federal workers.

Manchin may not be the only person who wants to give the federal government and Democrats control over who gets to serve in public office. Manchin is typically joined by Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema (AZ), but many other Democrats in moderate or red regions will want to keep their seats. Voting against your interests will only get you so far. And, the tide is turning in many states that have slowly allowed lying Democrats to claim that they support conservative ideas, but when push comes to shove, they stab their voters in the back.

Schumer continues to put his Democrat colleagues in peril overvotes that won’t pass. Manchin could torment Schumer and get everything he wants. Manchin could begin playing hardball instead of this milquetoast nonsense by voting to continue with the bill and adjust it. He probably won’t go this far because he would need to cross the aisle and work with conservative Republicans.

The regulations in the Breaking Bad Better bill will destroy the heartland and states like West Virginia, which produce clean coal energy. But these power plants are not good enough for the ideologically religiously committed environmentalist wackos in the Democrat Party who want to tank the economy and bankrupt these businesses.

Democrats pretend that Manchin is alone, but he presumably has 50 Republicans on his side. That makes a governing majority in the Senate, even though Schumer thinks he calls the shots. He would have to work twice as hard to keep his Democrats inline instead of advancing his bills.

Manchin could create chaos by striking bill portions, revising environmental programs, and changing massive spending boondoggles. Republicans supposedly supported these changes and could do everything in their power to help Manchin. Instead of a gang of eight, all you need is one courageous man. Mr. Manchin finally goes to Washington and does his job for the good people of West Virginia, wild and wonderful!

Conservatives would make changes that would be hard for Manchin to vote against. He favored Republican revisions, including energy, drilling, early termination, and cutting out CRT. Who knows what else he might be open to, but now is the time to find out.