When Joe Biden Says Not To Worry About Nuclear War, That’s When You Should Start Worrying

As he strolled, tiny, melancholy and alone, across the White House grounds, Joe Biden disregarded reporters who asked if he was concerned about nuclear war. Later, at a White House event commemorating Black History Month, a reporter dared to question Biden, “Should Americans be concerned about nuclear war?” Old Joe responded flatly with a “No” and seasoned Biden observers know what it means: start fretting.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has directed that Russia’s nuclear forces be placed under a “special regime of combat duty,” indicating that they are at a high degree of readiness. Belarus’ president, longstanding Putin ally Alexander Lukashenko, stated that the stakes are pretty high on Sunday. Russia is being dragged into a third world war. People should be cautious and avoid it, he said.

According to a faculty assessment from the Syracuse College of Law in 1965, Joe Biden copied five pages from a published law review paper without acknowledgement. Because of his plagiarism, the report suggested that he fail a legal techniques course. Biden graduated from law school with a 76th-place finish in a class of 85, but he later lied about his performance after he chose to become a lawyer. Joe Biden has been a chronic liar about his life experiences and his dishonesty has reached heinous proportions. For years, he maintained that the accident that killed his first wife, Neilia, was the fault of a drunk motorist. The truth was that Neilia had driven into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

Moreover, President Joe Biden inquired in 1987 why his wife Anne was the first in her family to attend college and why he could not follow in her footsteps. “Is it because our fathers and moms were dim?” he wondered. “It’s because they didn’t have a platform to stand on?”

Therefore President Joe Biden has perpetrated several falsehoods, including one in which he claimed he was imprisoned in South Africa while attempting to see Nelson Mandela in jail. He had borrowed the sentence from British Labor leader Neil Kinnock’s speech on why his forefathers could not attend university. That deception derailed Biden’s presidential candidacy in 1988 and his campaign continued sluggishly.