Where Is The Democratic Party’s Soul?

From Jake Lahut at Business insider: “Once COVID-19 scrapped in-person campaigning for the remainder of the 2020 presidential campaign, President Joe Biden and his team were ‘lulled’ into a false sense of security over their messaging, ‘Meet the Press host Chuck Todd told Insider in an interview.”

“It served to mislead the Biden White House about how to do this,” Todd said of the Zoom campaign. “I think the campaign was too easy for them.”

For real, it’s almost like the Democratic Party and the corporate press played a prank on Biden by making him president. What’s he trying to prove with the vaccine mandates and hogging up so much of the credit market and redirecting so much capital?

He could have said thank you, not be Trump, and snog with Jill in the White House to enjoy the presidential suite level ultimate retirement anyone like Biden could ever dream of probably kind of like Mr. Todd is saying he’s doing and probably shouldn’t be, getting complacent and vulnerable to reality slapping back in these midterms and 2024.

So maybe not that either, maybe, yeah, at least have a group of Democratic Party allies Biden trusts fear the president up with some selected comments from your grandpa’s Facebook groups and videos of Aussies boisterously and delightedly singing, “You can shove your vaccine mandates up your Democrat” to the melody of “She’ll be coming around the mountain.”

Here’s the ironic thing about it going so sideways in the land down under. When the SHTF moment hits, I always thought that the continent I would probably want to be on that stays out of it is Australia. Then the 20s hit, I looked at my phone, and out of countries that speak my native language, this must be the most FUBAR application of law and government about this covid thing I’ve seen going on down there. Jesus Christ, mates. “That’s not a lockdown. Now that’s a lockdown.”

But here comes Biden, like a hurricane across America’s values, traditions, and laws, not to be outdone by our friends in Oceania, without a sense of how horrendous the encroachments of a medical police state are to probably at least half of the people of America.

And the Democratic Party and the media handed in this White House. And they’re already suffering from buyer’s remorse, the entirely not dreaded, somehow unaccounted for hangover for taking the easy way out and folding in around Biden, one that could have been prevented by showing some spirit and picking a minority woman instead.

In a year, it will be the voters’ turn to whip congress, and the delegates and this administration have done more to rock the boat when people are more into the stability thing after how shocking the last two years have been. There’s not much time left for the corporate press to turn this thing around for their party. Maybe stop flogging coronavirus so hard. That stuff is making people miserable. Then we can focus our political discussion on something more productive, like fighting the real public enemy: Donald Trump.