Which Is Worse In This Story, The Cops Or CNN?

“For the first time, the biological mother of a 9-year-old girl who was allegedly sexually molested by longtime CNN producer John Griffin come up and questioned why the FBI delayed over 15 months to make an arrest,” Fox News’ Rebecca Rosenberg reported Tuesday.

“I’ve given up on the system. It’s mind-boggling that they knew this man, who he was, and what he did to her, and did nothing for a year and a half,” the alleged victim’s mother added.

It’s entirely possible if the allegations are true that the police have done “nothing” that entire time. However, it’s also possible that if true, they would still take something like that amount of time for the police to be able to meet all the requirements of the law and the constitution to the standards of a courtroom so that a prosecutor has something that would be most likely to get a conviction. Then there are all of the inherent constraints and problems of reality for them to deal with in conducting a professional and legal investigation.

The mother may not have a realistic sense of all of that. She might also understandably not feel terrific about the police. The Fox News report says, “She lost custody of her daughter to her stepfather and his new wife in 2017 after being imprisoned on felony drug and gun possession charges.” It sounds kind of like the police picked the wrong parent to think was the bad guy over what many civil libertarians would consider not only human rights but legally guaranteed rights under the United States constitution in America, to be armed and have medicine.

So since you’re wondering about it or want it to be accurate, we can have one more thing to hate about CNN, and that’s the worst ever: Is there something inherently wrong with the place that this guy was a senior producer there? Or are like some of the CNN people who wanted to defund the police, might scoff at the police for saying are there just some bad apples here and there, but most CNN journalists don’t do this, and the environment there does not in any way encourage it or tolerate it?