Whitmer In Dead Heat In Latest Michigan Gubernatorial Poll

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) had a double-digit lead in some polls as recently as 10 days ago, but a recent poll from The Trafalgar Group reveals that she may be leading Tudor Dixon, her Republican challenger, by as little as half of a percentage point.

Even in the Trafalgar poll, according to Red State, nearly 55% of respondents were democrats compared to just 37.1% that identified as republicans. This is a bias that does not accurately portray Michigan voters and could lead to an even more surprising result at the polls.

Some polls, including the one seen in the tweet below, actually have Whitmer trailing Dixon by up to a single point.

The tightening of the gubernatorial race in Michigan is representative of polls all over the country including the gubernatorial race in Minnesota as well as races in Nevada and Oregon as well.

Whitmer was once a potential running mate for President Biden and a star politician for the democrats, but things have since changed. According to The Hill, Whitmer still shows high favorability among women and more than 95% favorability among democrats. She also shows a higher favorability rate and lower rate of unfavorability among voters in general, yet she is still either tied or behind Dixon.

Since all of those things seem to be true, the problem lies deeper within the democratic party than with Whitmer herself. Whitmer is seen to be tied to President Biden, a president who has led the country to the highest inflation rate in more than 40 years, allows millions of people across the southern border, has been poor on education, and who is seen to be weak on crime.

Dixon, on the other hand, is much lesser known than Whitmer and based on polling and data should be trailing the democrat incumbent by at least double-digits. The race, however, shows that policies rather than candidates can win big elections like this one.

A recent New York Times poll and resulting article shows the issues that are most concerning voters right now and how that concern has led to a national shift toward republicans just weeks before the midterms. The poll shows that Americans are more concerned with the economy than any other issue, and that has led to the shift amongst voters.

With the midterms just weeks away, republicans are trending up and the trend is happening at a very rapid pace.