Who Got Joe Biden Elected And What Were They Thinking?


Most people who “pulled the lever” or “checked the box” for Joe Biden were not thinking. 

They must have elected Joe Biden out of some twisted sense of loyalty for a party that couldn’t care less about them. Or these people do what they are told, and the media tells them to install a senior dementia-riddled man as the leader of the free world. 

Liberal Leftist Socialist Communist Progressives are happy with Joe Biden. He does everything they tell him to do and says anything they write on the teleprompter. 

An incompetent military is part of their plan. Tanking the economy and destroying the middle class is also part of their plan. So they are getting what they want. 

Joe Biden will go down in history as the 46th president of the United States, but the circumstances of his nomination, election, and administration are all highly questionable. It appears that he was installed, like a faulty old operating system, in this country. 

Never Trump Republicans deserve all the scorn we can muster, but this is a small class of insiders who were paid off with donations and funding. They sold out this party and country long ago. Donald Trump exposed them for who they were and revealed their strategy in full color. 

But the so-called Independents, Centrists, and Moderate Democrats that supported and voted for the hapless Biden-Harris ticket are the problem. These clapping seals are the biggest part of moral rot eating at the foundation of this nation. They have historically lacked the courage of their convictions even to pick a side in this argument. Still, many of these wishy-washy milquetoast spineless twits pushed this nation into tyranny. 

Moderate Democrats realized that Joe was incapable. But the party decided that you must accept him and celebrate the Biden-Harris administration. It is anti-reality. 

Independents have guaranteed the most painful outcome for America and taken a minor ethical position by pretending that they are above party issues. The politics of personal destruction has never looked so good to them, and they would instead fold every time then go all-in even once. And, because of their cowardice, they will force us to lose everything alongside them. 

These imbecilic fools do not have a solid assessment of any issue. Not one. Even introverted people who avoid conflict should still know the difference between right and wrong. Being reluctant to say something and hesitant to annoy anybody, these Independents do not offer a viewpoint when asked: what you believe. They seem to think that an empty mind is the best policy. 

Going along to get along means that one is easily led. The inability to make the wisest decision leads to foolish choices. 

Too many American voters could not stomach the idea of a solid chief executive in the president’s office. They decided to support a weak-willed also-ran, and this choice will have consequences that resonate for generations. 

A vote for Joe Biden was to encourage tyranny and incompetence, not necessarily in that order. 

It is about what indecision has wrought: government lockdowns, obliteration of local businesses, ruining the middle class due to massive inflation and taxes, mask and vaccine mandates, forcing employers to terminate employees, destroying jobs such as killing the Keystone XL Pipeline, Critical Race Theory, creating dependency on foreign sources of oil and energy, a massive border failure and humanitarian crisis, foreign policy nightmares, a haphazard withdrawal from Afghanistan resulting in American and civilian deaths, censorship, tracking, and monitoring dissent.

The Biden Department of Justice said it was investigating parents for practicing free speech at school board meetings. Did you Independents hear that? Are you paying attention yet? Maybe you are onboard with censoring and banning American citizens from exercising the first amendment. But you would be more honest if you declared your allegiance to communism rather than pretending that you still enjoy freedom.