Wisconsin Is Defending Election Security

With less than two weeks left until the midterm elections, many Americans are focused on election security. Those with election security concerns worry that Democrats will try anything to avoid losing, even if it means interfering with free and fair elections.

These concerns are not without merit. In Georgia, a mail truck that was possibly carrying absentee ballots caught on fire and was completely destroyed. To this day, there has yet to be an explanation about how this happened.

In other states, reports of illegal ballot harvesting are taking place.

However, Wisconsin is hard at work to defend election security. This was made apparent amid a recent ruling from the Wisconsin 2nd District Court of Appeals.

A Clear Rejection of Ballot Spoiling
A county court in Wisconsin recently ruled that residents cannot take steps to submit a new ballot after already voting. This ruling was later challenged. However, the Wisconsin appeals court determined that the verdict against ballot spoiling shall remain as is.

An allowance for ballot spoiling would potentially open the door to people voting multiple times or otherwise cheating in elections. Ahead of casting a ballot, each person has ample time to do their research on candidates and determine who they want to vote for.

During the 2020 presidential election, tens of thousands of Wisconsin voters unfortunately engaged in ballot spoiling.

Though the Wisconsin appeals court’s refusal to permit ballot spoiling going forward is ultimately a win for every American who cares about our elections being fair and free of fraud.

Onward and Upward
Many of this year’s midterm races are expected to be very close, yet monumental. This is true in states like Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Georgia.

This is all the more reason why election security must be upheld. On social media, critics of ballot spoiling are ripping it as another method that Democrats may use to cheat in elections.

Many Americans can also agree ballot spoiling should be illegal not just in Wisconsin, but across all 50 states.

Despite some midterm elections being close, polls show Republicans lead with voters on inflation, gas prices, the economy, and crime.

Democrats, meanwhile, are struggling to address these issues and answer for left-wing policies making the economy and crime significantly worse.