Woke Disney Stock Continues Free Fall

Apparently, there is a tremendous wave of parents who are more concerned with protecting their children from radical groomers than lining Mickey Mouse’s cage with money.

Disney’s slide has reached almost half of its market value, a stunning reversal for the entertainment giant. Stock worth almost $180 a share only a year ago recently cratered at $93, and there are some fabulous reasons for this plummet.

Most center around its conscious decision to lead the woke parade down the road to irrelevance. If company executives wanted to be the go-to entertainment for groomers and other leftist radicals, mission accomplished.

But this game plan ignores the obvious fact that a vast majority of parents do not want their children “entertained” by dancing drag queens. They do not want to see lesbians kiss in Pixar movies and they do not want Tim Allen replaced by woke warrior Chris Evans as Buzz Lightyear.

This is the same Chris Evans, a.k.a. Captain America, who called critics of queer content in “Lightyear” idiots and said they will “die off like dinosaurs.”

Ignore for a moment that its theme parks are pricing middle America away. How many times must Disney be rebuked by low ticket sales at the box office before the company realizes they bet on the wrong horse?

This is the same company that, after its 1998 animated Mulan was criticized for historical inaccuracy, decided for a do-over. A live do-over, filmed in Xinjiang, where millions of the Uighur minority are detained in Communist Chinese camps designed for “reprogramming.”

In the past two years, besides picking a fight with Gov. Ron DeSantis over his anti-grooming stance, Disney made a startling series of missteps. The company fired “Mandalorian” actress Gina Carano over her conservative views and placed content warnings on classics for not being PC enough.

Corporations have shareholders to whom they are theoretically beholden. It is clear that, along with the decent movie-going public, investors see Disney as heading down the wrong road. Disney+ streaming is the main thing keeping money coming in, but streamers are now a dime a dozen.

No, Disney needs to crank out new films that people actually want to see. Not content with neutering the Star Wars franchise, now the company has put the iconic Toy Story movies on life support. That is obvious in the sinking bottom line.

As some older folks like to say, their chickens are coming home to roost.