Woke Leftism Having Unspeakable Results On America

In today’s Democrat Party, being woke is a must for them. Leftists believe it is their job to be “enlightened” and find the supposed ills in society that they believe everyone else around them has missed. 

Now, the woke agenda professes to be about social progress and advancement in the United States. However, it’s just another power grab. Individuals pushing the woke agenda are more concerned about telling Americans what they should think, how they should speak, and what pronouns they should use, rather than protecting the nation’s best interests. 

It is not good at all. As Life Site News points out, the danger of the woke plan on the left has begun to rival even the threat of radical Islamic terrorism. 

Democrats’ desire to wake and make American institutions woke ultimately threatens the United States national security. It is more dangerous than ever, seeing as the country is already vulnerable to attacks, as our southern border remains wide open and as Biden makes terrible foreign policy choices. 

Right now, officials in the military are more focused on having servicemembers study critical race theory and “white rage.” Officials like Mark Milley and Lloyd Austin want the military to embrace rainbow flags and change standards to be more “modern” and “inclusive.” 

Democrats, for years now, have lost sight of what the military’s purpose is. It isn’t a new trend, either. It started long ago and dates back to when Barack Obama was the president of the United States. 

All in all, the purpose of the military is to shield the United States from threats. The military needs to be in the best possible position to defend our nation. This cannot happen when Mark Milley pushes troops to study critical race theory as China schemes to steal U.S. technology secrets to advance itself. 

In keeping with his old boss, Biden is also doing unspeakable harm to the military and the United States at large by insisting on a ridiculous vaccine mandate. Servicemembers who do not submit to Biden’s mandate risk losing their jobs. 

If even a sizable amount of the military leaves, it will already have worse implications on America’s national security. Of course, Biden (in his efforts to please the woke left views critical race theory and his COVID vaccine mandate) as more critical than ensuring the military is in tip-top shape. 

This backward woke plan is what happens when Democrats are put into power.