Yelp is Directly Targeting Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Since the downfall of Roe v. Wade in late June, the pro-life movement has been under attack. There’s been vitriol aimed at various crisis pregnancy centers, with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) claiming they need to be shut down across the United States.

Pro-abortion protesters have gone outside the homes of pro-life Supreme Court justices, after leaking their addresses and the school locations of their children online.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no sign of any of this ending. In fact, various large companies from MasterCard to Lyft, Airbnb, and other corporations with customers nationwide are paying for employees to have abortions out of state.

Now, Yelp is joining in on this hate by flagging crisis pregnancy centers online.

A Full Review of Yelp’s Actions
People who view crisis pregnancy centers on Yelp’s app or website will see a very specific warning listed. This warning will inform readers that services offered by these facilities are “limited” and may be without licensed healthcare workers.

Various higher-ups within Yelp have also been clear that they’re no fans of crisis pregnancy centers.

The company’s vice president of user operations called these facilities “misleading.” The executive then claimed that Yelp is working to ensure women have “reliable” facts when it comes to their pregnancies.

Yelp’s choice to go down this route has been slammed by many Republicans and conservatives across the country. It’s hasn’t been missed by pro-life Americans that Yelp’s efforts are designed to discourage women from going to crisis pregnancy centers for support.

Democrats, on the other hand, praised Yelp, stating they’re all in favor of crisis pregnancy centers being flagged by the company.

A Different Path Forward
In light of Yelp’s approach to crisis pregnancy centers, many conservatives have said they’ll no longer use the platform.

Others reiterated the importance of sharing the services that crisis pregnancy centers offer to women. These services include STD testing and access to supplies that women may need during and after their pregnancies.

Critics also warned that by Yelp flagging crisis pregnancy centers online, the company could make it easier for pro-abortion activists to vandalize and otherwise deface these facilities.

Despite the massive backlash, Yelp has shown no signs of backing down or reversing the decision to attach warning labels to crisis pregnancy centers.