Youngkin’s Virginia Win Bargains A Passing Blow To Clinton Period

To the delight of many conservatives across the United States, Republican Glenn Youngkin emerged as the winner of a nail-biter Virginia gubernatorial election. Youngkin’s win was foreshadowed by him leading Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the polls as the race came to a close. 

What’s quite notable about this is McAuliffe did everything in his power to keep Youngkin from winning. McAuliffe used bogus sites on social media to spread lies about Youngkin’s platform. He got Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams, and even Hillary Clinton to back him up. 

Yet, despite using every card in his deck, Terry McAuliffe was left to concede the race to Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin. Youngkin’s victory not only brings hope to Republicans. As PJ Media documents, it also deals a death blow to the Clinton era in the United States. 

Many Americans may not have known this, but McAuliffe is deeply connected to the Clintons. Before entering this year’s Virginia gubernatorial election, McAuliffe worked on Bill Clinton’s re-election campaign in 1996. 

He furthermore chaired the 2008 campaign for Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful presidential bid. That came on top of McAuliffe’s stint as the Democratic National Committee chairman between the years of 2001 to 2005. 

Yet, despite McAuliffe’s ties to one of the most infamous families in politics, it still didn’t take him across the finish line in Virginia. None of the connections or press could save McAuliffe from conceding the election and acknowledging his opponent’s victory. 

What’s more, McAuliffe is not the first person with ties to the Clintons to lose an election. Others with Clinton ties have either been defeated in the primaries or by scandals. 

In 2021 America, the Clinton family is yesterday’s news. The hard truth is no one cares about the Clintons anymore. Hillary Clinton is one of the most disliked politicians in America. Bill Clinton is known for his infamous scandals involving inappropriate contact with women. 

The Clintons are finished. They lack relevance, and, as demonstrated by the outcome of the Virginia election, they lack the power to sway political races. 

Quite frankly, it is high time for the Clinton family to fade off into the sunset and stop trying to insert themselves into present-day politics. While they’re at it, the Clinton family can take Terry McAuliffe with them as well.