Zelenskyy Declares Russia Will Receive ‘Unpleasant Surprise’

Russian forces are in for an “unpleasant surprise” in their invasion of Ukraine, according to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The leader’s warning came as the Russian attack on the city of Bakhmut stalled in recent days.

There are reports of internal conflict among Russian troops concerning protests over preferential treatment and waning supplies of ammunition.

Zelenskyy reported his forces are waiting on more shipments of military supplies from the West and that more time is needed. “We are expecting appropriate armored equipment. It comes in parts, and with that amount…you can move forward…But we will lose a lot of people.”

He said in the new interview that for obvious reasons he cannot say when Ukrainian forces will be advancing. These types of revelations “prepare the enemy.”

Zelenskyy added that it is his wish for his military’s advancement “to be an unpleasant surprise [for the enemy], not the other way around.”

Being at war, the president said he cannot state with clarity when the nation will once again enjoy full sovereignty. He did assert that “I think we will achieve the appropriate result” from the counteroffensive.

There has been noticeable disarray among Russian forces after Wagner Group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin apparently attacked Russian President Vladimir Putin in a video the paramilitary group uploaded. The organization is one of Moscow’s primary assets in its war effort in Ukraine.

Prigozhin appeared to critically describe an unidentified Russian senior official as a “happy grandfather” who “thinks he is good.” The Wagner Group leader said that the unnamed official is in truth a “complete (expletive).”

His comments came as Putin was delivering a speech in Red Square in recognition of Victory Day, a commemoration of the country’s defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II.

Part of the criticism centered on the Kremlin’s failure to deliver needed ammunition for the war effort.

Though the specific target of Prigozhin’s ire is never stated, Western observers believe that Putin is the deranged “grandfather” being referred to.

If that is the case, it is good news for Ukraine’s defenders and President Zelenskyy. The war with Russia is well into its second year with no end in sight.