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The Conservative View helps you serve as a watchdog when it comes to important, pervasive political matters threatening the lives of Americans with traditional values. If you believe in the right to life, stringent border control, and respect and care for our law enforcement officers and the brave American soldiers who serve at home and abroad, welcome home. Welcome to The Conservative View.

A Higher Level Mission

The Conservative View’s mission is to help everyday Americans stay informed about what is happening with their government and its moves to expand or limit our personal freedom. We make it our mission to respect law enforcement officers in our coverage, and to ensure coverage of hot button topics like preserving the rights of gun owners, policing the border, and ensuring the right to life.

The Conservative View offers both hard-hitting news and passionate commentary to help readers think for themselves and decide for themselves about what is best to protect their faith, families, and communities.

Ethical and Trustworthy Writing

The Conservative View has a focus on facts. Even when we delve into commentary, our pieces are based upon the truth as it happens — not as pundits present it to be. We work hard to avoid bias in our media and in the topics we cover, taking an ethically firm view on issues like the right to life, the right to bear arms, and the right to worship freely.

Daily Updates from Liberty Views

Liberty Views provides commentary on important, critical American issues. If you’re ready to get analysis without the liberal bias, check out Liberty Views! We are overt about serving our audience of Americans with traditional values, and our commentary centers on a pro-life, pro gun ownership, pro border control perspective. We’re critical of government overspending, unfair social policies, and limitation of states’ rights.

Regular Political Alerts

The Conservative View provides Political Alerts to ensure you can stay on top of news as it happens. These frequent updates deliver news essential to patriotic Americans making voting decisions and wondering how best to protect their families, faith, and cherished values.

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