Ambush Takes Life Of Third-Generation LA Deputy

In a chilling Saturday evening attack, a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy was tragically killed in what officials have labeled a “targeted act” against law enforcement. Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer, a 30-year-old third-generation officer, was fatally shot in an ambush near the Palmdale, California, station. In light of this heartbreaking event, it’s essential to confront the rising attacks on law enforcement and demand justice for our fallen heroes.

This was no random act of violence. “I think it was a targeted act based on what we know now,” said Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna in a late Saturday night press conference. Surveillance footage, still under analysis by homicide investigators, showed a black car pulling up next to Clinkunbroomer’s cruiser, briefly stopping, and then speeding off. The deputy was found unconscious by a passerby and rushed to the hospital, where he later succumbed to his injuries.

The alarming aspect of this tragedy is that Deputy Clinkunbroomer was an eight-year veteran of the force who was, as Sheriff Luna stated, “just starting his life.” He was engaged merely four days before the fatal incident, and he had recently served as a field training officer. “Service was running through his veins. He embodied the values of bravery, selflessness and was committed to justice,” Luna penned in a Facebook post. In a society that seems increasingly divided, the service and sacrifice of officers like Clinkunbroomer cannot be overstated.

But this act doesn’t exist in isolation. According to the Fraternal Order of Police, 101 law enforcement officers have been shot in 83 separate ambush-style attacks in 2023 alone. Fifteen of those officers were killed. Sheriff Luna vowed to use every resource available to apprehend the assailant. “We need to get this guy off the street—guy or guys. He’s a public safety threat,” Luna added. It’s a strong declaration, but one that needs the support of communities and officials at every level of government.

To make matters more distressing, Clinkunbroomer comes from a family of law enforcement professionals. His father and grandfather both served in the sheriff’s department. “He laid everything on the line to serve us,” Sheriff Luna last posted on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. This devastating incident shakes not just a single family but the broader law enforcement community and, indeed, all who value public safety.

As this horrifying situation unfolds, we must not allow the sacrifices of men like Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer to be in vain. The rise in targeted attacks against law enforcement is a dire issue that must be confronted, not only for the sake of police officers but also for the security of communities across America.

This tragedy serves as an urgent call to arms for citizens and lawmakers alike: It is high time to rally behind our law enforcement officers and take determined action against the violent threats they increasingly face.