Americans Believe Biden Is Leading Us Into A War

The American people are asking: Is President Joe Biden leading us into war?

It’s been nearly three years since Americans were told former President Donald Trump lost the 2020 election. Not everyone concurs. But the majority do seem to agree that Biden hasn’t been a stellar president.

We’ve watched as Biden made sure the U.S. became embroiled in the war in Ukraine. Americans saw this as a conflict right away — knowing Russia is quite capable of inflicting serious damage upon us.

Still, many chalked it up to another proxy war for profit. Instead, it seems we could be headed for a darker destination. Now, Biden thinks we can handle two wars that aren’t our own.

When Hamas brutally attacked Israeli families in their homes on Oct. 7, the U.S. was quick to voice its solidarity with Israel. Some Americans questioned that move right off the bat, expecting the worst of Biden — for him to usher us into Israel’s fight. Are we there yet?

Americans are paralyzed by fears they never thought they’d have to consider before 2020. The question is not merely if Biden will lead us to war, but will he destroy what’s left of our nation in the process? Inflation and crime have already done much of the hard work.

At a time when military recruitment and retention are at an all-time low, Americans are worried Briden may reinstate the draft.

Will the war be fighting to save Israel, or on American soil, defending ourselves from attack for angering the wrong enemy — Iran?

Perhaps it will be with China — though many would say that war is long overdue on the heels of Covid.

Israel was invaded from the outside. In America, it is expected that an astounding 3 million illegal immigrants may make their way into the country by the end of 2023. Just like Israel, we are a vulnerable population in the wake of Covid. The people do not trust their government.

In other words, America doesn’t have to be invaded with explosives from the other side. They’re already here. The Biden administration has opened the door for illegal migrants to walk into this country from all over the world. It’s not probable that all of them are here for legal — or safe — reasons, and it’s certainly not likely that they all love America and its people.

Americans are quick to recall Trump’s success with the Abraham Accords. As the indictments pile up against Trump, the donations pour into his campaign. While he continues to fight for America, it appears Biden has checked out.

A peek at Trump’s campaign filings is moving. The American people are carrying him. But will he be able to take the White House and assume office — and is there any other option that keeps Biden out of it? Where will we be by the time Nov. 2024 rolls around, and will there even be an election?

These questions and more weigh heavily on Americans’ minds as we head into the next most controversial election year of our lifetimes. Will 2024 be a time of war? History tells us the left never lets a good crisis go to waste. Godspeed, America.