Battle To Save Oklahoma Kids From Woke Indoctrination Continues

Oklahoma is one of the most conservative states in the union and is generally politically unified against the woke culture warriors attempting to corrupt American schoolchildren. However, even deep-red Oklahoma must remain vigilant against the attempts of teachers’ unions and some educators to groom children into adopting their far-left culture.

State legislators have previously taken action to withhold funding from an Oklahoma University program that would have operated a “gender clinic” at the school’s hospital.

At least one public high school in the state attempted to conceal an incident that occurred when it allowed a biological male student to use the girls’ restroom in violation of state law. The male student assaulted two female students in the restroom, and it was two months before parents and the community found out.

As some teachers have now said they plan to intentionally violate Oklahoma law by teaching critical race theory and “queer theory,” state Superintendent of Schools Ryan Walters says he is stopping those plans.

He said in a video clip he posted to Twitter: “I have instructed my staff to immediately begin the process of holding two teachers accountable who actively violated state law by admittingly violating state law to indoctrinate our kids. We will not allow the indoctrination of Oklahoma students.”

Walters has not publicly identified the teachers he described. As such is the case, it is not known if Oklahoma teacher Aaron Baker is one of them. Baker has aggressively defied state law by promising to teach woke ideology to his students.

Baker has tweeted: “I openly declare that trans girls are girls and that Black Lives Matter. I teach African American History through an antiracist lens and I refuse to teach from a posture of fear. For me, there is no ‘chilling effect.’ I will continue to do what I do, and I will continue to speak out against policies that harm my students.”

Nevertheless, what Baker says he will continue doing is against state law in Oklahoma.

Baker also writes a blog that promotes leftist ideology. He has written that he proudly teaches his students that America “is not the greatest country on earth.” He also claims to teach that being “cisgendered” is not normal and that America was founded on racist, non-Christian principles.

PJ Media reported that Oklahoma teacher Tyler Wrynn is one of the educators described by Walters. Wrynn was exposed by investigative reporting done by Project Veritas as having admitted to indoctrinating students in violation of state law.

Oklahoma is not necessarily where one might expect to find the front lines of America’s culture war, but it is one place where it must certainly be won.