Biden Faces Criticism Over Delayed Maui Visit

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden landed in Maui on Monday, but their arrival came almost two weeks after devastating wildfires took the lives of over 111 individuals, with many more still missing.

While aboard Air Force One, Olivia Dalton, a representative for President Biden, shared with the press that a central objective of the president’s trip was to convey his support to the residents of Maui. She emphasized, “[The President] wants to assure the Maui community that he has stood by them from the very beginning.”

However, social media was quick to counter Dalton’s statement. They highlighted that when the wildfires initially broke out, the president was vacationing on a Delaware beach. Stephen L. Miller, a podcast host, captured this sentiment with an image showcasing the president relaxing at the beach.

In the aftermath of the Delaware vacation, when questioned about the Maui wildfires, President Biden’s curt reply was a dismissive, “No comment.” His response attracted considerable negative attention. Yet, the White House did not immediately alter Biden’s itinerary to include Maui. He was scheduled for a campaign speech in Wisconsin, followed by another break at Lake Tahoe. When probed again about Maui as he departed the White House, Biden offered a similar nonchalant reaction.

In the wake of the growing criticism, a sudden change was announced in the president’s plans. A visit to Maui was added, leading to a shortened stay at Lake Tahoe. White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, confirmed this via a tweet, indicating the president’s intent to engage with first responders, survivors, and officials during his Maui visit.

However, upon his arrival in Maui, local residents expressed their discontent. Many held signs expressing sentiments like “You’re too late!” and emphasizing that deeds are more impactful than mere words.