Biden Seeks Welfare For Nearly Six Million Illegal Migrants

Even as he called for building onto Trump’s border wall to better control illegal migration, President Joe Biden turned around and rolled out the red carpet for yet more millions of migrants.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) revealed that the White House has a planned “Release and Reporting Management” (RRM) program in the works to offer free food, housing and medical care for illegal migrants.

How many will benefit from U.S. taxpayers? ICE said it now “supervises” 5.7 illegal migrants. That number soared from the 3.3 million it oversaw when the Democrat became president. Many critics see it as simply a welfare program to lure more illegals into the nation.

According to former ICE director Tom Homan, the administration is enlisting vendors to provide services such as monitoring and phone applications.

Homan told the New York Post that RRM is simply “a push by the open border advocates to provide welfare benefits to six million people.” Ironically, he noted these illegals will receive legal benefits from taxpayers to assist them in fighting the government.

He added that it amounts to a massive giveaway that will be funded by billions of taxpayer dollars.

According to ICE, the expansive services which will be absolutely free for illegals include legal assistance, psychosocial services, therapeutic services, medical services, food and clothing banks, housing, repatriation and reintegration services among several others.

A form from the agency explained that these benefits will be individualized to fit the specific needs of illegal migrants. They “may range from basic referrals to intensive direct assistance.”

The Biden White House is currently in the planning stage of the RRM program, but it apparently is being hastily rolled out. ICE documents do not include a price tag for U.S. taxpayers, but it will doubtlessly be quite high.

Of the nearly six million migrants theoretically under supervision by federal authorities as they seek asylum, only a paltry 194,632 are being tracked through GPS or other technology.

This means the overwhelming majority are free to move about the U.S. unfettered. They are supposed to check in with ICE on a regular basis at an office near where they reside.

Some use an app with facial recognition technology to check in, but it is clear that many simply fall through the cracks. And with sweeping benefits in the works by the Biden administration, there will be millions more crossing the border to receive them.