Biden’s Student Loan Bailouts Focused On ‘Racial Equity’

President Joe Biden’s latest unconstitutional handout to student loan borrowers is unsurprisingly centered on “racial equity.” The White House announced Monday that tens of millions of Americans will have debt they voluntarily agreed to transferred to U.S. taxpayers.

The administration is utilizing an amended version of the Higher Education Act of 1965. Monday’s announcement noted the Department of Education has been working since last June to find a loophole to “debt relief.”

An accompanying White House fact sheet declared the bailout will target “racial equity.” It claimed that “Black and Latino borrowers will get substantial benefits from this relief.”

The 922-page reworked Education Act, according to the administration, is aimed to assist those with “disproportionately high debt burdens.” Some debts are to be canceled for over 30 million student loan borrowers.

Also targeted are obligations by students who attended now-defunct institutions that churned out diplomas of little or no worth. The White House said that these graduates are saddled with “unaffordable loan payments” or salaries no better than what a high school graduate could expect.

Further relief is earmarked for “borrowers experiencing hardship paying back their loans.”

This program, of course, is merely a sweeping Democratic scheme to buy votes.

Gregg Jarrett is a legal analyst for Fox News. He correctly noted recently on “Fox & Friends” that the Biden administration is using executive power to push student loan bailouts during his reelection campaign.

Despite rewriting the law and dressing up the actions as legal, he said the plan remains unconstitutional and represents a massive burden being shifted to taxpayers who did not take out loans.

Jarrett said the president is doing nothing less than “shredding the Constitution.”

The Democratic incumbent openly admitted that the Supreme Court ruled his plan illegal but brazenly said “that won’t stop me.”

And while Biden claimed to be “canceling” debt, he is doing nothing of the sort. Instead, he is merely transferring tens of billions of dollars in obligations to U.S. taxpayers.

Jarret added that the president disregards both the high court and the Constitution. “So I sort of ask here: who’s the dictator? Who’s the threat to democracy?”