Democrat Releases Ad Telling Voters To Vote On Wrong Day

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), a lawmaker known for viciously berating her staff, has r a campaign ad urging voters to head to the polls on the wrong day.

The television advertisement, likely made by the very staff members that Jackson Lee often goes on obscenity-laced rants against, tells voters to head to the polls “on or before December 7.”

Jackson Lee and her opponent, Texas state Sen. John Whitmire (D) are headed to a runoff election to become the next mayor of deep-blue Houston, Texas.

While the election takes place on December 9, Mediaite has confirmed that Jackson Lee’s latest ad airing on Houston’s television markets tells voters to head to the polls “on or before December 7.”

Jackson Lee and Whitmire advanced to the runoff after defeating 14 other candidates in the general election on November 7. Polling indicates that Whitmire is leading in the runoff.
In her advertisement, the Democrat congresswoman touts her supposed achievements while in Congress and serving on the city council.

“Houston, I’ve spent my entire career fighting for you, from fighting to keep our kids safe from guns when I was on the city council to my days in Congress, fighting to protect women’s reproductive freedom and for funding for our police, schools, and small businesses,” she said in the video. “Now, I’m running to be your mayor. Because if we’re going to bring down crime, fix our streets, and bring good-paying jobs here, then Houston needs a champion who’s ready to fight for what’s right. And I am.”

The ad concludes with a graphic displaying the incorrect runoff election date.

In light of the embarrassing mistake, many on social media have expressed concern for Jackson Lee’s staff — as she has a history of screaming and cursing at them for even small mistakes. In October, audio was leaked of the Democrat congresswoman screaming at one staffer that he does not have a “f—ing brain” and shouting several other expletives at him.

“Given Sheila Jackson Lee’s dreadful reputation for how she treats staff, I might request police protection for her ad team,” one user wrote in response to the advertisement mistake.

“Any footage of the a-holes ripped? Had to be brutal,” Fox Business host Charles Payne wrote, jokingly asking if there would be more leaked audio of Jackson Lee screaming at staffers for the latest incident.