Democrat Senator Prefers Government Shutdown Over Not Funding Ukraine

During a Wednesday interview on MSNBC, a Democrat senator stated that he is “definitely” willing to have a government shutdown if the bill to keep the government open doesn’t include funding for war in Ukraine.

While most members of Congress have cited the need to pay government employees and military members as the most important thing to be included in a bill to fund the federal government, Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO) appears to care more about funding the never-ending proxy war in Ukraine than about taking care of the American people.

In an appearance on MSNBC’s “Katy Tur Reports,” Bennet complained that the Republican-led House of Representatives plans to send the Senate a bill to keep the government open that doesn’t include Ukraine funding.

Host Katy Tur asked: “Are you ready to hold up a bill that comes to the Senate that does not include that Ukraine funding, potentially to shut down the government?”
Bennet responded by attempting to compare the Russia-Ukraine war to World War II — claiming that this isn’t about “politics.”

“I definitely am,” he said. “I definitely am. I said on Saturday that my mom, she’s a Polish Jew, she was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1938, it’s very easy to see from her perspective, she survived — with the perspective of the 16 million people that were killed in Ukraine and Poland during World War II, how they get forgotten by politicians here that seem to be concerned with a different set of imperatives. And Katy, I don’t think this is a moment for politics. It’s not a question of when we go home, do we stay here, do we make a trade for this, or do we make a trade for that.”

Bennet then lied about the amount of money that American taxpayers have already been forced to spend on the war — claiming that it was less than what “the Europeans” have spent.

“I think that we’ve given a little over $70 billion, which is less than what the Europeans have put in this war,” he claimed.

Despite this claim, the U.S. has spent $113 billion total on the war in Ukraine — which includes all types of assistance, such as military and humanitarian aid.

“The Americans are leading the way when it comes to supporting Ukraine,” read a statement from economist Christoph Trebesch of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, who oversees the institute’s Ukraine Support Tracker.