Elon Musk Warns Again About Mind Viruses

Tesla and SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk — who knows something about the human mind from the Neuralink company he also founded — warned his followers this week on X, formerly Twitter, about mind viruses programming the population.

The tweetstorm with his followers about mind viruses began Wednesday morning when Musk shared a video posted by an ex-editor for The Atlantic with the caption: “In 1984, this KGB defector exposed the 4-stages identified by Soviet intelligence as the necessary steps to cause the psychological implosion of American society. Stage 1: Demoralization (15–20 yrs).”

“85% of KGB action was not spying, but ideological warfare,” former Atlantic editor Benjamin Carlson explained. “The aim was to change Americans’ perception of reality so that “no one is able to come to sensible conclusions.” This loss of reality then weakens the family, community, country — and the self.”

Stage 2 of the process of societal decay is “Destabilization.” Carlson wrote, “Once a society is demoralized, its weakness and unwillingness to defend itself is exploited to undermine the military, economy & foreign affairs.”

Musk called it an “Interesting discussion of how mind viruses are created and amplified.”

A few minutes later Musk posted about the topic again, “Teach a people to hate themselves and their history and they are defenseless against mind viruses. They can be reprogrammed with ease.”

While speaking in Italy at the invitation of a conservative Italian political leader this past December, Musk told the crowd to “Make more Italians to save Italy’s culture.” He also warned against importing the “woke mind virus” from American universities and media.

“Please don’t import the woke mind virus from America,” the engineer and business magnate warned. He said the woke virus “is not a message of joy but a message of division – not a message of love but a message of hate.”

“I’m very much in favor of humanity expanding and creating a bright and exciting future for the world. But fundamental to the furthering of human civilization is having more humans,” Musk said.