‘Hail Satan’ Greeting Leads To Teacher’s Suspension

In an unexpected turn of events, a Mesa High School teacher in Arizona has been suspended pending an investigation after dressing as the devil and greeting his students with the phrase “Hail Satan.”

Sophomore Nathaniel Hamlet reported the incident, stating that as he entered the classroom one Wednesday, he was met with a rather surprising sight. The teacher had transformed into a devil, complete with horns and a pitchfork, and playfully waved the pitchfork over the heads of the students while uttering the memorable phrase, “Hail Satan.”

Reactions among the students were varied, with some finding it amusing, others feeling uncomfortable, and some simply dismissing it as a harmless joke, however, the incident has stirred diverse responses within the school community.

The teacher, who chose to remain anonymous, explained that his devilish attire was part of the school’s Halloween Spirit Week activities, where he intended to pair with a neighboring teacher dressed as an angel. He claims the concept was to embody dynamic duos like peanut butter and jelly or Sonny and Cher, but apparently failed to secure a partner in the end.

Tensions escalated when Hamlet’s father voiced concerns about the potential mixing of religious symbolism with devilish elements and urged the school administration to address the issue. He argued, “If you’re going to exclude Christian symbolism, you must also exclude devil-worship symbolism.”

In response, the teacher was placed on leave, while Hamlet’s father suggested a permanent dismissal might be the more appropriate course of action. However, not all parents share the same viewpoint. Some, while expressing their disagreement with the teacher’s actions, argue that firing him would be an excessive response to the situation.

The teacher’s decision has generated controversy, and it’s clear that he failed to anticipate the potential for offense among parents and even the students.

The situation would have been more acceptable if it were not for the “Hail Satan” greeting as students entered the classroom — or was paired with an angelic teacher, it would’ve made sense considering the “dynamic duo” theme.

The teacher’s actions were an ill-considered joke that warranted more consideration than he initially gave them, leaving us with a complex and unresolved debate regarding the appropriate course of action regarding his employment.