Idaho Bans College DEI, CA Gov. Newsom Disapproves

Idaho Gov. Brad Little signed into law a prohibition on Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) guidelines at public universities. The ban applies to hiring and admission standards.

The new law will “prohibit the requirement of statements regarding diversity as a condition of employment in postsecondary education” and ban diversity statements as an admission requirement.

Unsurprisingly, the most liberal governor in America disapproves. California Gov. Gavin Newsom posted on X a photo of Governor Little with Senate leaders at the bill’s signing with the comment: “Really nailed it with the photo, here.”

The men in the picture were White, of course. Newsom’s point was that White people in general should be excluded from universities, elected offices and anywhere else they wield any sort of influence.

One X user responded to Gov. Newsom’s posting with a photo of the governor’s entire family — who are stereotypically white. This even includes the dog, the poster noted.

America’s universities have become toxically far left, alarmingly anti-free speech and hotbeds of cancel culture. Gov. Newsom’s state is at the forefront of this ugliness. The University of California at Berkeley, once known as a free-speech hub, has seen conservative speaking events called off due to violent disruptions by radical Antifa riots. Swimmer Riley Gaines was mobbed and attacked at San Franciso University after giving a talk opposing women in men’s sports.

The most prestigious colleges in America are rife with antisemitism. Pro-Hamas terror supporters attack and harass Jews on campus as well as those who support Israel.

Additionally, “diversity hires” placed into leadership roles at major universities have been exposed as plagiarists.

This California-style diversity represents what Gov. Newsom views as a model for the rest of the county. DEI programs keep university students and their professors monolithically Marxist. Gov. Newsom and his ilk champion diversity of skin tone but not diversity of thought.

Collegiate DEI standards allow Democrats to churn out ideological drones. Universities have become echo chambers of single-viewpoint thinking. Gov. Newsom is outraged that states like Idaho resist this in favor of merit-based admissions. When qualifications enter the decision-making instead of race, diversity of thought results. That is not a good thing for the Democratic worldview.

It is little wonder that 31% of Idaho’s population growth in the past six years is due to transplants from California.