Illegal Immigrant From Somalia Gets 3 Years For Threatening To Kill Biden And Trump

An illegal immigrant from Somalia was sentenced to three years in prison and three years probation after his release on Thursday for threatening to assassinate President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump in 2022.

Mohamed Farah, who was living in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, threatened to kill both Trump and Biden during a mental health episode in Jan. 2022. In a 911 call, he stated that he was “going to be at his campaign and dedicate my life to assassinating Trump” and that he was going to “kill him literally dead,” about Biden. He also claimed to be a terrorist and suicidal.

Farah’s lawyer, Jonathan White, claimed that he was “troubled” due to the environment he was exposed to as a child. His family fled Somalia when Farah was two and lived in a refugee camp in Kenya. Farah said that he experienced food and water shortages and people being tortured and murdered.

“Mr. Farah has learned a lot from this incident. He understands that this is not the fault of others, but they are his,” White told U.S. District Court Judge Jennifer Wilson. “He recognizes that he is sick and that he needs to be on the right medication plan and, more importantly, the right plan for when he runs out of medication.”

The 34-year-old illegal who has been in the U.S. since 2004, has a long history of mental health issues and a criminal history. He has been hospitalized for his mental health at least 20 times. In one instance, Farah tried to escape, resulting in five employees being assaulted.

Farah committed armed robbery in North Carolina and was scheduled for deportation. He also bit a corrections officer and spit in two officers’ faces as they tried to assist after he tried assaulting an inmate in Pennsylvania in June 2022.

He also assaulted an immigration detention center officer in Texas. Unfortunately, he was released due to the pandemic and was sent back to Pennsylvania where his family resided.
According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Farah may face deportation after his sentence is over. His immigration status is currently unknown.