Jesse Watters Defends Trump’s Request For Alternate Electors

The recent indictment by special counsel Jack Smith against former President Donald J. Trump, potentially criminalizing the questioning of election outcomes, marks another unsettling move toward a repressive future.

This trajectory could see free speech deemed unlawful, akin to some of history’s most authoritarian regimes.

Fox News host Jesse Watters stressed that skepticism is a valid stance for everyone in the country, including regarding the 2020 election.

On “The Five,” Jesse Watters and his fellow panelists deliberated over the arraignment of Trump, who is about to confront a Washington, D.C. jury known for its hostility. The trial could potentially lead to a lifetime prison sentence for the high-profile offense of disputing the results of the 2020 election.

Watters declared, “Everybody has the right to be suspicious in this country.”

He continued, “If you have a COVID election, where they blow out all of the signature requirements, they blow out all the deadlines and then they blast out all these unsolicited ballots into the ecosystem with no chain of custody, you’re not suspicious? You have a right to be suspicious.”

Watters was referring to the 2020 election in which Democrats leveraged the pandemic to introduce extensive mail-in voting regulations that circumvented the typical democratic procedures.

He went on to add, “And all these state legislators had no power to do anything about it. It was just done via judicial fiat.”

He concluded, “So, if someone sends you an affidavit and says, ‘There’s monkey business in Detroit,’ the president has every legal right to call the…you know, Michigan state legislature and say, ‘Can you guys look into this? Maybe you want to send an alternative slate of electors for me.’

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) voiced her concerns. She shared a video on X, the platform formally known as Twitter, discussing the apparent dismantling of the entire American legal system with the aim of targeting Trump.

In a fitness center where she was training, Greene said, “So today, President Trump is being indicted in Washington, D.C., in a court with a jury of his so-called peers. Those are not his peers. Everybody knows this. Everyone knows that he has no shot of a fair trial in the Washington, D.C., court system. No Republican has a shot at a fair trial in the Washington, D.C. courts. But let’s also talk about the real situation. He’s being indicted for saying the election was stolen.”

Greene went on to call the weaponization of the Department of Justice communism.

She said, “Those who are holding the power and controlling, basically holding the power of the Constitution right now, are putting the Constitution through a paper shredder by what they are doing with the Department of Justice. This is not justice. This is the greatest injustice. This is actual, real communism in America. The Biden administration is arresting and trying to put in jail their top political opponent, Donald Trump. Why? Because they’re watching the polls, and they know that he’s going to win. This is a serious situation.”