Lindsey Graham Argues US Should Continue Supporting Ukraine’s Military

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) recently announced his intention to support further aid for Ukraine amid the country’s ongoing war against Russia. He argued that it’s “imperative” for the U.S. to continue sending billions of dollars to Ukraine.

Graham, who has served in the U.S. Senate for over 20 years, has been an outspoken critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin and has consistently advocated for the U.S. to continue providing aid to Ukraine. Notably, the senator called for Putin to be assassinated in 2022.

“The Ukrainians will be successful if we and other allies continue our support. The outcome of this is enormously important to our national security because China and many others are watching closely,” Graham claimed on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Graham, who recently traveled to Ukraine, described how “imperative” it is for the U.S. to continue supporting the Ukrainian military, as reported by the Blaze. The South Carolina senator said he hopes both political parties “will continue to see the wisdom of supporting Ukraine.”

“It is imperative that America continues to support Ukraine’s military. Specifically, the need for long range artillery – ATACMS – is urgent. America should also take over the F-16 transfer program to speed things up,” Graham wrote.

“No American troops have been requested or needed, and not one American soldier has been lost in this endeavor. With continued support from the U.S. & our allies, the Russian invasion will crumble, which would be a tremendous gain for freedom and a decisive defeat for aggression,” he added.

“From an American point of view, this is a great return on investment,” he said.

Graham’s comments come as most Americans do not support sending further monetary aid to Ukraine.

In August 2023, Breitbart News reported on a CNN poll which found that over 55% of American voters believe Congress should not approve any additional aid to Ukraine, while 45% of individuals approved funding, and 48% argued that the U.S. should do more to help in the ongoing war.

The CNN poll marks a dramatic shift in the perspective of Americans regarding the Russia-Ukraine war. In February 2022, 62% believed Congress should do more to help Ukraine.