Mace Condemns DOJ Inaction Amid Staggering Biden Evidence

In a sea of mounting allegations against the Biden family, Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) has called out the Department of Justice and the FBI for their contrasting approaches toward the Trump and Biden administrations. Mace’s vociferous stance underscores a perception among conservatives that a double standard exists in how these federal agencies handle investigations.

Speaking on the Friday broadcast of Fox News’s “Hannity,” Mace expressed her disbelief at the disparity between the pursuit of misdemeanors against former President Donald Trump and the seeming lack of investigation into potential felonies committed by the Biden family. She firmly asserted, “They weren’t hiring Hunter Biden for his brains. They were hiring him to pay for access to the White House.”

Mace’s remarks resonate with the concerns voiced by House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) and his fellow GOP lawmakers. Comer underscored his belief that President Biden “has been involved” in his family’s foreign business dealings “from the very beginning.” He further delineated the Biden family members who allegedly profited from these dealings, adding a grandchild to the list, a detail he found “odd.”

Critics point out that such dealings run the risk of not only capitalizing on Joe Biden’s public office but also potentially jeopardizing the country’s national security. Comer’s committee has set out to “provide transparency to the American people and reach legislative solutions,” a move applauded by conservatives who echo his concerns.

The committee’s investigation has unveiled that the Biden family and its associates reportedly established over 20 companies and received more than $10 million from foreign nationals during Biden’s vice-presidential tenure. According to a memo from the committee, these transactions appear to be efforts to “conceal the source and total amount received from the foreign companies.”

Aligning herself with these findings, Mace noted, “If it looks complicated and sounds complicated, it was intentionally made to be complicated.” She urged the Department of Justice to “get off its ass and investigate.” Mace further argued that if these allegations are proven true, someone named Biden “needs to be charged, prosecuted, maybe spend a little time in prison.”
Despite the White House’s dismissal of the committee’s investigation as “evidence-free” and “politically motivated,” the GOP’s commitment to uncovering the truth remains unflinching. The evidence, they argue, is anything but circumstantial.

The divide between how the FBI and the DOJ handle allegations against the Trump and Biden families is causing a ripple of concern among conservatives. They urge the DOJ to take Mace’s outcry seriously and investigate the allegations against the Bidens as thoroughly as those against Trump.

In Mace’s words, the evidence against Hunter Biden is “ridiculous.” Yet, it has largely been ignored by the authorities. The spotlight is now on the DOJ and the FBI to determine if they will uphold their duty to impartiality or if the double standard will persist.

The public waits with bated breath as the GOP continues to unravel the complex web of Biden family transactions.