Mayor Adams Labeled A Bigot For Migrant Crisis Statements

New York Mayor Eric Adams recently stated that the migrant crisis will destroy New York City. The statements have been labeled as bigotry by MSNBC writer Ja’han Jones.

Following the statements made by Adams, writer Ja’han Jones claimed that the statements were made from bigotry. Jones went on to label Adams a “black Trump.”

Jones reviewed the speech given by Adams that discussed the issues with the ongoing migrant crisis and the limitations of NYC. Jones used the label “black Trump” believing that the wording Adams used was “anti-immigrant diatribe that sounded as if it had been ripped from the former president’s social media feed.”

This labeling of Adams shows the democratic agenda to label anyone who does not stay in line as a bigot or racist. Adams stated some of the main issues that border states have been bringing to light for years.

The migrant crisis costs money. Migrants require housing, food, clothing, shelter, and other basic daily needs. These are needs that cities like NYC are barely able to maintain for their own citizens.

This viewpoint on the high costs and lack of housing for migrants is common sense. Many states are not in a situation to maintain their own population.

Having a wave of migrants entering demanding more and demanding their needs be met before the citizens of the city or state, is financially impossible.

The warnings of a financial downfall to a city under migrant population waves is simple economics, not bigotry.

Jones focused on the words that Adams used in his statement and compared them back to former President Donald Trump. Jones said the same working Trump used in the past is the same wording that Adams is using now.

Jones fails to see that it is the same wording because the problem is still the same. This problem is not about race or skin color. The problem is about a city or state maintaining the large population increases, crime rates, and other issues that come with undocumented migrants.

Adams’ words do not change his overall political views. Adams is simply stating the obvious that he failed to recognize in the past. NYC cannot maintain under the ongoing migrant population increases.