Miami Herald: Is Diddy Combs Yet Another Epstein?

Speculation is running rampant after the shocking Homeland Security raids on residences of hip-hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs. The Miami Herald openly speculated if the star performer is another despicable Jeffrey Epstein.

On Monday, multiple homes owned by Combs were raided in a sweeping human trafficking investigation. Arrests were made and electronic equipment confiscated in the search for evidence.

The Herald noted that just last month, a civil lawsuit was filed accusing Combs of a wide array of felony offenses. These included drug allegations, illegal firearms and mistreatment of individuals, including “minors, all for Comb’s pleasure.”

The outlet declared, “If these allegations are true, Combs deserves to be compared to and treated like the late Epstein, Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and singer R. Kelly — all once powerful millionaires who used their influence to take advantage of women.”

Combs was then compared directly to Epstein. Both, the Herald argued, portrayed an extravagant lifestyle to draw the wealthy and powerful into their circles.

Last month’s civil lawsuit was filed by producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones. He accused Combs of operating a “widespread and dangerous criminal…trafficking organization — out of our backyard.”

Jones alleged that Combs improperly touched him and forced him into encounters with other adults.

The lawsuit asserted that Combs and his assistants as well as other music executives were aware of and involved in illicit activities in Florida, New York, California and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

In an eerie similarity to Epstein, a wealthy man with powerful friends is accused of using vulnerable women and men for his own ends. Allegations are that he deployed his private jet and utilized a home on a Caribbean island.

Jones alleged that some of those involved in the trafficking ring were adult entertainment workers from Miami strip clubs. He said they were recruited with encouragement from the singer.

Combs agreed to a settlement with an R&B performer in November on allegations that he attacked her. The deal was reached the day after legal action was filed.

A neighbor told the Herald that his Star Island home is frequented by strangers day and night.