National Institute of Standards and Technology Implements Forced Censorship

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has bowed to the woke agenda, as the federal agency for the study of science and technology has begun enforcing race-based and gender-based censorship on its scientists.

The speech codes newly implemented by NIST have reportedly been a top priority of the agency.

According to Just The News, NIST released “Inclusive Language Guidance” documents ordering federal employees to refrain from using words such as “blacklist” or “whitelist” — based on the false claim that these words have racial connotations. The guidance also bars NIST federal employees from “using terms that assign a gender to inanimate objects, such as male/female connectors.”

NIST’s speech codes also order employees to “avoid terms such as master/slave that perpetuate negative stereotypes or unequal power relationships,” and demand that they “avoid descriptive terms that are condescending or reductive in favor of language that the groups being described would prefer.”

The censorship was reportedly advised by Steven Lipner, who serves as chair of the Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board.

In 2020, Lipner sent a letter to NIST demanding that they ban the use of the words “blacklist,” “whitelist,” “slave” and “master.”

“Many technology and security standards contain racially insensitive language that is both offensive to many of our colleagues and is also, in many respects, ambiguous – technically and culturally,” he claimed in the letter. “Examples of such language include using the terms blacklist and whitelist instead of block-list and allow-list and using the terms master and slave.”

NIST is defending its censorship policies, with agency spokeswoman Jennifer Huergo claiming that it “was created primarily for the benefit of NIST staff experts who participate in the development of documentary standards as expert collaborators and leaders.”

“Use of inclusive language helps to avoid potential gaps in understanding that could arise from the use of colloquial or idiomatic expressions that are rooted in particular historical events or regional dialects,” she added.

NIST’s mission includes “keeping America’s scientific and technological development ahead of rival countries such as China,” according to American Greatness. The agency is taxpayer-funded, as it regularly receives funding from the U.S. Congress — including $1.65 billion from congressional appropriations in 2023.

Americans have begun condemning the federal agency’s censorship, with many classifying it as “fascism.”

NIST’s actions come after the left has already been advocating for the banning of the same terms for some time now, with CNN writing an article about the words being problematic.