NBC News Reporter Shocked By Illegal Immigration In Texas

An NBC News reporter was recently shocked to see the number of illegal immigrants pouring across the southern border while reporting in Eagle Pass, Texas.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection recently reported a record high number of illegal immigrants apprehended, as more than 12,000 illegally cross the border daily under President Joe Biden, given the president’s lax border policies and refusal to address the issue.

NBC News correspondent Guad Vanegas, during his recent reporting of illegal immigration at the Eagle Pass border, showed a massive group of unlawful migrants awaiting processing.

Vanegas pointed out that he’d never seen such a large group of illegal immigrants before.
“These crowds in Eagle Pass have never been this large during my reporting. This is the most people I’ve ever seen in Eagle Pass, and other reporters, colleagues working other parts of the border in Arizona, [and] in Jacumba near San Diego tell me the same thing,” Vanegas said.

“We have these conversations and the conversation is always, ‘Wow, I’ve never seen this number of migrants arriving,’ and we know from the reports coming from the government with these numbers,” Vanegas added.

“We have the number of apprehensions, the numbers of encounters, everything spiking, so we don’t know what this will mean moving forward, we just know that the numbers are much larger as the resources are spread thin,” the NBC News correspondent continued.

Vanegas noted that Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX) told him that the surge in illegal immigration is causing the federal government’s processing centers and hospitals to be overrun by illegal immigrants.

“When the U.S. congressman visited this area, Tony Gonzales said that the hospitals are also overwhelmed. So if someone calls 911 and needs to go to the hospital, that hospital might be overwhelmed because they’re helping a lot of these migrants, so you have that humanitarian crisis happening as well,” Vanegas said.

Since Biden refuses to secure the southern border, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) recently signed legislation providing state authorities with the power to arrest illegal immigrants in the Lone Star State.

The left denounced the Texas governor’s action, claiming it was discriminatory.