New Poll Shows Americans Want More Border Patrol Officers

As immigration becomes a key issue in the upcoming national election, a new poll is giving both major parties key insights into voters’ thoughts on what needs to be done.

A new Associated Press/National Opinion Research Center poll showed that 64% of respondents in supported hiring more Border Patrol agents. That figure included 54% of Democrats, 56% of independents, and 79% of Republicans. A further 58% wanted to hire more immigration judges, including 65% of Democrats, 36% of independents, and 60% of Republicans.

The poll also found a more modest majority of 53% backed reducing the number of immigrants who may seek asylum in the U.S., with 35% of Democrats backing such a move, 51% of independents supporting it, and 75% of Republicans approving of such action.

Support for building a wall, a signature policy proposal of former President Trump, was somewhat lower, at 42% overall. Just 12% of Democrats supported that idea, while 40% of independents and 77% of Republicans approve.

The AP pointed to Bob Saunders, a 64-year-old independent from Voorhees, New Jersey, as being a representative participant in the survey. Saunders said he disapproves of President Joe Biden’s performance when it comes to immigration and border security and is particularly worried about the number of immigrants coming to the southern border who are eventually released into the country.

The Hill released results from a Gallup poll on Friday that showed roughly 48% of those surveyed said they are worried “a great deal” about the impact of illegal immigration, up from 41% in March 2023. The poll also found that 43% of people are worried about the likelihood of future terrorist attacks, up from 36 percent at this time last year.

The Hill concluded that those worried about illegal immigration represent a rise in concern among Democrats. The latest survey shows 27% of Democrats are worried about the issue, compared to 14% in 2023.

A CBS News poll conducted in Sept. 2023 showed that on the issue of Biden handling immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border, 62% strongly disapproved and only 23% approved.