New Wonder Woman Comic Attacks Christianity, Trump

The days of comics being a wholesome form of escapism are long in the past as woke warriors overtake the heroes of yesteryear. In recent years right up until today, the genre is bleeding revenue as it goes full-woke, with Wonder Woman being the latest example.

DC’s mainstay swerved even further down the path of destruction with the new Wonder Woman #8. She battles a villain called “The Sovereign,” a man who maintains power by wielding a “lasso of lies.”

In an obvious blast from the recent past, the Trump-style president rails against Amazonian immigrants and attempts to force them out of the U.S. They are portrayed as valiant victims who are being herded and pushed back across the border by the evil leader.

In one issue, Wonder Woman meets with a terminally ill kid who also suffers from gender confusion. The boy wonders why he doesn’t like male superheroes and baseball and if that’s “why God made me sick.”

She tells the stricken child, “There is nothing wrong with you.”

In another offering, Wonder Woman is captured by The Sovereign and is subsequently bound. The president reads Old Testament scripture to her referring to wives submitting to their husbands.

Wonder Woman doesn’t simply respond angrily to being bound or break free of her bonds to defeat her enemy — she makes a theological statement. “I…I do not…believe you. I…do not…I do not believe in your…your…God.”

This blast against Christianity and MAGA politics should hardly be surprising for what one was a wholesome source of entertainment.

Now comics regularly change the long established characteristics of beloved heroes to comply with LGBT doctrine. Among those suffering from gender or other confusions are Superman’s son and Batman’s sidekick Robin.

This is not an anomaly but a trend in the dominant Marvel and DC universes. Not content to create new characters who fit nontraditional molds, writers and creators see fit to alter fan favorites to comply with the woke world order.

And the result shows in sales. Where once the two publishers dominated the graphic novel market, they are now hard pressed to have a title in the top 20.

Taking their place are Japanese products which are not nearly as attuned to “social justice” and “diversity.” Much could be learned by American publishers of the simple art of entertainment and the need to escape from wokeism and left-wing indoctrination.

Sales will continue to slump until that valuable lesson is taught.