Politics Over Experience: The New Norm In Higher Education

Colleges are quickly becoming places of indoctrination, and one of the biggest reasons why is that many schools now require potential employees and faculty to make DEI statements.

DEI statements, or Diversity, Equity and Inclusion statements, are typically mandatory. Not only that, these statements push potential employees, professors and even students, to adopt certain left-wing political ideologies as a condition of joining the school.

A surprisingly high number of universities require DEI statements. As of 2021, the figure was around 20%. And even for the universities that don’t require a DEI statement, many still use the ideology as a factor in their hiring decisions. But at the core of everything, the DEI movement is not about ensuring a level playing field for administrators and students.

It’s about unfairly pushing one group down while uplifting another at their expense.

Long before the dawn of DEI and the woke mob, many colleges and universities were founded on the bedrock that is classical liberalism. Even though people who identify politically as left-leaning may call themselves liberals, classical liberalism is different from leftism in almost every conceivable way.

Classical liberalism in a university environment values freedom of expression, no matter who is expressing themselves. The people expressing themselves could be any race, faith or either male or female, it doesn’t matter.

Students in a classically liberal college are also encouraged to learn how to think, rather than indoctrinated on what to think. They are then expected to challenge and debate each other on the merit of their ideas. This encourages open and honest discussion, and students learn how to intelligently argue and articulate their thoughts.

Lastly, and perhaps the most important distinction between leftism and classical liberalism is this: Tolerance. Classical liberalism tolerates different thoughts and viewpoints. This should be the core of a normal college education.

While colleges and universities that champion DEI claim to want diversity of thought and perspective, they do just the opposite when they engage in these practices.

It no longer matters whether or not people have the experience, skill set, and desire to do a job to the best of their ability. Instead, in corporations and colleges where the DEI ideology runs rampant, people are hired for the color of their skin, or any other surface-level characteristic.

When people are hired for how diverse they look but they’re forced to all obey DEI ideology, all you have is groupthink.