RFK Jr. Critiques Biden’s Border Policies, Contemplates Third-Party Run

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has consistently called out the Democratic Party and the Biden Administration, particularly regarding their toxic border policies. In an op-ed released on Friday, he voiced concerns about the migrant crisis stemming from the administration’s sloppy approach to border security.

Kennedy emphasized that the Biden administration’s failure to secure the southern border has placed immense burdens on municipalities nationwide. While sanctuary cities were established to protect immigrants from ICE raids, they now face an unmanageable spike in immigrants.

Citing a recent report, Kennedy pointed out that over 150,000 migrants received notices to appear before immigration judges in July. This number greatly exceeded what the Biden administration acknowledged under its “special parole program” for asylum seekers. Congress didn’t authorize the program, either.

Kennedy said the policy is a “charade,” stressing that a monthly influx of 150,000 illegal migrants (equivalent to 1.8 million per year) is unsustainable and unrealistic for any nation. Kennedy clarified his support for legal immigration, advocating for “high fences” and “wide gates.”

He argued that his stance stems from compassion and humanitarian conscience. Kennedy’s border stance aligns with some Republican views, leading to speculation about a potential Libertarian Party run. His appeal among independent voters further complicates the political landscape.

Kennedy also acknowledged the complexity of dealing with drug and human trafficking cartels in Mexico. He stated that resolving this issue would require cooperation with Mexican authorities rather than a unilateral approach.

A comprehensive policy platform would likely be necessary for a successful presidential run. However, Kennedy’s outspoken criticism of the Biden Administration’s border policies reflects the mounting concerns surrounding border security and hints at a potential political shift.

As he explores the idea of a Libertarian Party run, the landscape of the 2024 presidential election may undergo some significant changes. While his focus on securing the border resonates with a broad spectrum of voters, the complexities of addressing drug and human trafficking cartels present daunting challenges.

His proposal offers a promising starting point. Whether his vision for border security will propel him into the White House or merely serve as an influential voice in the ongoing political discourse remains to be seen.

Regardless of the results, his advocacy ensures that the border issue will remain a prominent topic in the upcoming election, influencing both parties and independent voters.