School District Bans Border Patrol To Protect Undocumented Students

Even as President Joe Biden continues blaming Republicans for the border crisis that took shape under his administration, Democratic-led cities across the country are implementing new policies meant to shield undocumented migrants from the consequences of violating the nation’s immigration laws.

One recent example involves the public school district in Spokane, Washington, which voted to prevent border patrol agents from accessing school property.

A local activist group, Latinos En Spokane, triggered the change with its assertion that the presence of such authorities could cause some sort of trauma to students at the school who are in the country illegally.

Jennyfer Mesa, the organization’s executive director, went further in condemning the presence of border patrol agents in the district’s school.

“They could be targeted as immigrants because they have an accent, or if they’re asked something about their parents, you know, that could be a stressful situation,” she speculated about certain students. “These fears, these stressors create post-traumatic stress disorder in students and families who have had the experience, whether it’s a family separation or concerns about another member of the family.”

School board member Nikki Otero Lockwood noted that, in addition to preventing agents from doing their jobs on public school property, they will also be prohibited from addressing students as guest speakers.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Spokane Sector Chief Patrol Agent Lloyd Esterling responded to the updated policy, labeling it “unfortunate” and citing the possible damage it will have on the community.

“Agents and officers from CBP attend countless events at schools throughout the nation — without controversy,” he said. “CBP personnel work tirelessly day in and day out to protect our nation from a variety of threats to include terrorists and dangerous narcotics.”

Esterling went on to note that officers from his agency have also received “requests from local law enforcement agencies to assist in life-threatening situations, including active shooter incidents at schools.”

Furthermore, he described the toll that the ban could have on those officers and agents whose students attend public school in Spokane.

“The fact that the school board has taken this position of intolerance against a law enforcement agency is disheartening and makes the community less safe.”