Sinking Biden Considers Executive Action On Border Crisis

A new report revealed embattled President Joe Biden is considering what for him would be severe executive actions to finally take control of the nation’s southern border.

This, of course, is due to the extensive political damage he is absorbing from the administration’s foolish open border policies. He is rightfully fearful that the issue will sink his chances in November against former President Donald Trump.

Axios reported that the “nuclear option” is possible depending on how the illegal migrants trends fare in coming months. And according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection data, this summer is expected to see the highest total of border crossers ever recorded.

The Biden White House’s disastrous immigration policies and abandonment of the successful strategies of his predecessor led to record high levels of unvetted illegal entry into the U.S.

Despite the complicity and even cheerleading of the corporate media, Americans caught on to the invasion and demanded that it end. Due to this, the administration is said to be exploring a wide array of possible outcomes to a crackdown on border crossing.

One source told the outlet that “the bullet’s in the chamber.”

Among executive orders being considered is a ban on people from entering the U.S. if they illegally crossed the nation’s border. It is also possible that there will be a tightening of requirements for asylum seekers to advance through the first interview.

Democrats, however, continue to attempt to blame Republicans for rejecting the border bill that would have entrenched thousands of illegal crossings every single day.

Border crossings dipped in January and only rose slightly in February, but that is nothing for the White House to boast about. Winter months historically see a downturn in illegal migration only to witness a dramatic resurgence as the weather warms.

Biden is clearly walking a tightrope as the deeply unpopular president seeks a second term. Any significant crackdown on the migrant invasion will upset his far-left base and lead to further disenchantment with their party’s leader.

But the vast majority of Americans see the border for what it is — an unmitigated disaster that is wholly preventable.

This means that voters will hold Biden accountable without sincere action that produces clearly positive results.