Social Media Ridicules DNC’s ‘Biden Express’ Post

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is facing brutal mockery on social media after posting an image of a model train on a track that appears to completely encircle a Christmas tree, with the words “BIDEN express” emblazoned on the side of the train. The only ornament fully visible in the photo of the Christmas tree was an ice cream cone, likely a reference to President Joe Biden’s favorite dessert.

“All aboard the Biden Express,” the post on X, formerly known as Twitter, read.

Critics of the president immediately took to X to mock the post, including several responses with images and GIFs of trains crashing, catching fire or careening off of cliffs and plummeting to the ground.

“The ‘Biden Express’ is a trainwreck,” one user wrote.

“This is an apt analogy for the current administration. They are going nowhere while circling a once thriving tree that has been killed for their amusement,” another response read.

Another user argued that the DNC’s post was actually a fitting analogy, writing, “The Biden express: A toy train running in circles around a rotting tree.”

Yet another commenter made a similar argument, writing: “The irony of his train going around in a circle never getting anywhere is the perfect summary of this administration. The train to nowhere.”

Others like Stephen L. Miller, podcast host and contributing editor at The Spectator, joked about Biden’s penchant for lying about his past — especially regarding trains. Throughout the past decade of his political career, and at least 12 times since becoming president, Biden has told the same lie about his supposed friendship with an Amtrak conductor and a conversation between the two while Biden was vice president, where the conductor supposedly said that Biden had traveled over one million miles on Amtrak in 36 years. The story has been repeatedly debunked, including by Biden’s allies at CNN, especially because the conductor Biden mentions had retired in 1993. That hasn’t stopped the president from repeating the story every chance he gets, adding new outlandish details every time he tells it.

“Joe Biden then claimed that he’s ridden this train for 35 years,” Miller wrote in response to the DNC’s post, likely referencing these lies.