Surge Of Illegal Immigrants Charge Through Texas National Guard

A throng of illegal immigrants surged through razor wire and charged through the Texas National Guard at the border in El Paso on Thursday.

The crowd consisted of approximately 600 people, with about 100 of them knocking guards over as they broke through to make it to the border wall, a last fail-safe to keep them from entering the United States.

The Texas National Guard was attempting to sort the large crowd into smaller groups when some women and children became separated from the men by the guardsmen. Soon after, one family unit was allowed through and chaos began to erupt.

The group consisted mostly of single men who began tearing through fencing and razor wire while wearing winter coats and gloves, which likely offered some protection.

One immigrant was arrested for attacking a soldier during the pandemonium, and others are expected to be arrested as well for destroying property and other acts of aggression.

According to the National Border Control Council, agents are now going through video of the incident to apprehend any offenders who attacked the guardsmen, saying that they will be processed for deportation.

Nevertheless, El Paso’s migrant dashboard showed that 743 illegal immigrants were allowed to go free from custody and make their way into the United States, either released on parole or to claim asylum. Up to 2,500 illegal immigrants are held in custody by the Border Patrol every night.

The alarming incident occurred just as Texas’ debated anti-illegal immigration law is again being caught back-and-forth in the court system. The Supreme Court allowed for Texas to briefly follow its own new law to let police arrest illegal immigrants, but the case was then sent directly to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals which then stalled it again.

As the law bounces through the politicized court system, an increasing number of crowds are gathering at the border. This is part of a so-called ‚Äúspring surge,‚ÄĚ which is a time when the favorable spring weather encourages hundreds of thousands of migrants to make the journey on foot to cross into the United States.

As the Biden administration and its appointees continue to tie the hands of the states in taking action against out of control illegal immigration, the situation is becoming more dangerous at the border and throughout the country as people of unknown background are allowed to freely roam.