Teacher On Leave After Telling Students ‘Hail Satan’

An Arizona teacher is on paid administrative leave after shocking his classroom full of students. As images taken by pupils showed, he entered the room wearing devil horns and carrying a pitchfork while admonishing his captive audience to “hail Satan.”

When the left directly tells you what their agenda is, believe them.

The anonymous teacher went further, reportedly waving the pitchfork over students’ heads as they walked into the room.

Mesa High School sophomore Nathaniel Hamlet said reactions in the classroom were mixed. “Some people thought it was funny, some people didn’t like it, some people were like ‘whatever,’ they just blew it off.”

It is uncertain whether the costume was for the approaching Halloween holiday or a “spirit week” event. What was clear is that at least one student was not amused.

Hamlet told the teacher not to wave the pitchfork over his head while chanting “Hail Satan.” But the educator persisted, and the sophomore had to push the pitchfork away “maybe three or four times.”

The student said the horned teacher did it anyway.

When this was reported to his father, former Mesa Public School board candidate Chris Hamlet, he went straight to the principal. “Of course, I was livid because I’m a Christian as well. What really tipped it over for me is, he kept telling him no, and the teacher kept persisting.”

The teacher was removed from the classroom the following day and has not returned. A statement released by the district explained, “Our Human Resources department began the investigation Thursday morning and placed the teacher on paid administrative leave.”

His status will remain the same as the probe continues. The younger Hamlet said that move is “fair.” However, because the act was done repeatedly across the classroom, “I feel like he probably should be fired.”

His father told 12 News that such behavior is not acceptable even if it is done in a joking manner. “If you’re gonna keep the Christian stuff out, then you got to keep the devil-worshiping stuff out.”

Some parents told the outlet that while they believed the teacher should be punished, losing his job may take it too far.