Transgender Activists Weaponize Kindness with ‘Suicide Card’ Strategy

In discussions between public school counselors and parents about gender identity confusion, a troubling and coercive message often comes up: that having a transgender child is preferable to having a deceased child. This reaches far past empathy and crosses into the coercion category.

Sadly, Kobe’s story clearly illustrates this recent phenomenon. At 13, he received advice from adults online to “play the suicide card” in order to access chemical interventions for transitioning. He listened, which resulted in irreversible procedures and regret.

Incidents like this sheds light on the routine exploitation of children by the transgender rights community, which encourages weaponizing the unconditional love and empathy most parents have for their children.

Thankfully a handful of experts are challenging the suggestion of this emotional manipulation tactic, with 21 clinicians and researchers writing to The Wall Street Journal that gender transition doesn’t reduce suicides, contrary to recent claims. They state that there’s no reliable evidence that hormonal transition prevents suicide.

They encourage public school officials to focus on international expertise, not the profit-driven medical industry — and educators should consider that it’s normal for adolescents to resist gender stereotypes. Prematurely labeling students’ genders and mandating pronoun use only exacerbates the issue.

Extreme activists push for policy changes using manipulative threats of suicide to get their way. Some states aim to label “non-affirming” as “child abuse.” In Fairfax County, VA, students were coached to advocate for such policy changes, which worked well on Democratic-endorsed school board members who actively ignored Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s (R-VA) guidelines.

Fairfax County Public Schools Superintendent Michelle Reid clearly prioritizes political agendas over parental concerns and the well-being of students.

Transgender activists who act as virtual puppeteers urging 13-year-olds like Kobe to pull the “suicide card” argument are just as guilty as those within the healthcare sector who benefit from a portion of the substantial $5 billion fund generated by surgeries related to gender reassignment for minors.

Our communal challenge involves guiding school district leaders like Reid away from implementing predatory policies that serve the interests of the far-left and predatory medical practitioners, and instead encourage parents to shield their kids like Kobe from the clutches of the public school system.